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If your question is not fully answered below,

call the MRC at 219-947-1864, and we will be happy to help.


Q. Is the MRC open?​

A.  The MRC is open Monday - Friday 8am-3pm.

Q. What is the purpose of the Maria Reiner Center?

A. The Maria Reiner Center (MRC) is a dynamic gathering place for active adults 55+ located in in Hobart, Indiana.  We offer health and fitness programs, a fitness room, table/card games, art classes, computer classes, socialization, and field trips—just to name a few. Our members “live life to the fullest.”  Keep active, stay young, and make new friends!

Q.  Who is Maria Reiner?

A.  Maria Reiner was born in Germany over 100 years ago, but she and her husband, Emil, settled in Hobart.  He worked at Krull & Sons Surveying and she was a homemaker.  They led a very quiet and modest life, enjoying the company of each other and a few close friends.  In 1994, at the age of 94, Maria Reiner passed away, leaving all of her possessions to the senior citizens of Hobart.  Her estate was placed in the capable hands of the Legacy Foundation as a permanent endowment to benefit Hobart seniors.  The Legacy Foundation graciously funded the monies for our beautiful Center, and through some additional grants, our Center has grown into the successful meeting place it is today.  Maria Reiner is remembered as a great philanthropist, and will be a person of honor in our city for many generations.  The Maria Reiner Center is a department of the City of Hobart is partially funded by the Legacy Foundation on a yearly basis. Other forms of funding include membership fees and various fundraisers.

Q.  Who manages the Maria Reiner Center?

A.  The Board of Directors manages the funds of the MRC, along with the Executive Director, Aimee Schallenkamp.  The current Board is comprised of:

Jay Harrigan,  President

Trey Gilliana, Vice-President

Dee Bedella, Secretary

Thomas Ehrhardt

Ken Gagliardi

Carol Heikema

Lynn Kostbade

Mike Rogers

Q. I am interested in joining the MRC.  How much does it cost, and how do I register?

A. Membership to the Maria Reiner Center costs $30 per year for residents of Hobart and $50 per year for those living outside the legal boundaries of the city of Hobart.  You may stop by the Center with your check or money order and your driver's license or identity card, complete a bit of paperwork, and receive your membership card. Consider a gift certificate to the MRC for your loved one!


Ready to join the fun?  Complete the application at right, then bring it (or mail it) to the MRC with your check or cash.

Q.  I would like to volunteer at the Maria Reiner Center.  Do I have to be a member to do this?

A.  Volunteers are often members, but this is not a requirement.  Volunteering is good for the soul and changes the world, making a difference in your life and the lives of others. Do you have a skill you can share or teach?  Would you like to give a presentation on a topic you are passionate about?  Call us to see how you can help!

Q. My company (or I alone) would like to donate to the Maria Reiner Center.  How do I go about doing this?

A. We are devoted to helping our seniors live a fulfilling active life through dedicated service and innovative programming.  This would not be possible without the generous contributions and donations from our community. Call us today to see how you can donate or become a sponsor.

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