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Hobart has something for everyone!

The city of Hobart (pronounced HO-bert) is located in Lake County, Indiana.  The population was 29,059 at the 2010 census.  Hobart was platted in 1849 when George Earle, an English immigrant, bought land from the Potawatomi Native American tribe.  The Potawatomi had built a dam on Deep River, creating Lake George.  Earle named the settlement after his brother, Frederick Hobart Earle, who never left England.

Hobart is home to Lake George, a popular place to walk along the city's waterfront.  Visitors can also walk the quarter-mile outdoor oval track at the city's Mundell Field.  In the warmer months, the Revelli Bandshell offers musical entertainment near the clock tower at Lakefront Park.  Fishing and boating are two popular activities at Lake George, and people can feed the ducks near Festival Park within the guidelines of the Hobart Nature District.

The city features 14 parks, a public 18-hole golf course, and many sports areas for pickleball, basketball, football, baseball, soccer, rugby, and other sports.  The Oak Savannah rails-to-trails route cuts through the city and offers biking and hiking as it passes by the 90-acre Hobart Prairie Grove Unit of the Indiana Dunes National Park.  The Shirley Heinze Land Trust, Inc. owns other nature preserves within the city of Hobart, including a tallgrass prairie.  The Cressmoor Prairie is a dedicated state nature preserve and is the largest state-protected rare "black soil" and silt-loam prairie in Indiana.  Visit the City of Hobart site today!

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